Unpleasant problem.

Users of the Apple Watch Series 4 complained of an unusual problem. Smart watches can fall into an infinite reboot cycle for summer or winter. The reason is that an exclusive dial “Infograf” unable to cope with the scheduling taking into account the translated time.

The first complaints of an extremely unpleasant problem came from Australia, where now there is a transition to summer time. Apple Watch users Series 4, which set the standard for new smart watches dial “Infograf”, said the incessant reboots of the device.

Apple Watch Series 4 reboot as soon as the screen displays dial “Infograf” with the timeline. As the dial is the first thing that appears on the display of the Apple Watch, the reboot happens after each switch of the gadget. Thus, using the watch becomes impossible due to cyclic reboot.

Note that in Russia canceled daylight saving time to standard time, so this problem should not occur in the Russian Apple Watch users Series 4. However, when travelling to other city or country, where time will be different, this bug can still occur. In this regard, users are not recommended to enable dial “Infograf” during trips.

Source: Reddit.


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