Apple Watch Series 4 compared with the previous Apple speed — the difference is impressive

A very fast gadget.

Apple Watch Series 4 compared with previous models of smart hours Apple test speed. New smart watch Apple left the opponents far behind. Moreover, in some tests the difference with the Apple Watch past generations was truly enormous.

The test work carried out MacRumors reporters. It consisted of three parts. In the first test measured the boot speed of the Apple Watch, and the second performance of the voice assistant Siri, and the third start-up time of popular applications.

To load the operating system, the Apple Watch Series 4 took 51 seconds. Series 3 included for 2 minutes, 19 seconds Series 2 — 3 minutes 47 seconds Series 0 — 5 minutes 8 seconds. It is noteworthy that the Apple Watch Series 1 booted faster than Series 2. The result of this model of smart watches was 3 minutes, 19 seconds.

The speed of Siri on the Apple Watch last year’s Series 4 and Series 3 is almost the same. Voice assistant responds quickly to queries, displays graphics and read the answers. On the models previous generations the latter function does not work, and still slower than Siri recognizes speech and outputs the search results. Complex queries are the worst treated of the Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 0.

The difference in speed running applications between Series 4 and Series 3 is small, though the new smart watches always cope with the task faster. Apple Watch Series 2 open the application with a delay of a few seconds, and Series 1 and Series 0 sometimes hangs and does not can start the desired program. This is especially true of software from third-party developers.

The reason for the growth performance of the Apple Watch Series 4 — new dual-core S4 processor and operating system watch OS 5, is optimized for this chip. Hardware components in hours of past generations are not as powerful.

The main conclusion of the latest test — if you are the owner of smart hours Apple Watch first generation, Series 1 or Series 2, if you buy a new device you will notice a huge difference in speed. Thus it makes sense to buy not only the model 2018. Series 3 also works fine running the latest firmware version and is cheaper.

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