Apple Watch Series 4 problems with the transition to winter tramadolsevere Apple Watch Series 4 in Australia massively complain about serious problems with the gadget. When you try to transfer to summer/winter time, smart watches go in a “loop reset.”

That is constantly reboot for no apparent reason.

The reason lies in the attempt software of the Apple Watch Series 4 to draw a graph of activity over 24 hours. When you try to synchronize time with a remote server, the watch discover that in connection with the transfer time in the day was one hour more or less.

As a result, the operating system watch OS 5 kernel panic and go to watch the reboot. And this behavior is cyclical as long as the function of the infographic.

Users believe that tomorrow the work hours will be adjusted. You can solve this problem and remove the dial Infoto Modular.

The clock in most of Europe is carried out in the last Sunday of October. In the USA — 4 Nov. Apple’s stock have time to address the bug until it affected users worldwide.

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