Apple Watch Series 4 unpleasantly surprised by the capacity of the battery

It is smaller, though the battery life still.

New smart watch Apple Watch Series 4, which will go on sale in Russia on September 28, equipped with a smaller battery capacity than the previous generation model. Apple has reduced the battery capacity of the smart watches due to the location change of the components of the gadget. The battery life is not affected, but experts warned that the reduction of the capacity of the battery still carries negative consequences.

In 44-millimeter Apple Watch Series 4 set battery 1.12 W*h and 40-mm — 0.86 W*h. For comparison, last year Apple Watch Series 3 are equipped with batteries 1.34 kWh and 1.07 WH, respectively, for 42 – and 38-millimeter model.

Despite the decrease in battery capacity new Apple Watch Series 4, their battery life has not changed compared to the previous model. The watch can work for 18 hours every day.

According to experts, due to the fact that the battery capacity of the new Apple Watch Series 4 was lower, they will quickly lose its initial charge. It is no secret that the smaller the battery capacity, the faster it loses its properties. That is why, for instance, no model of the iPad is not subject to an artificial slowing down with acclaimed functions to limit the performance of devices with depleted batteries. IPad batteries have a larger capacity, therefore much slower to lose their original capacity.

How much decrease in battery capacity will affect the longevity of the battery of the Apple Watch Series 4 will show the future. It is possible that over time, Apple Watch Series 4 will work significantly less time without having to recharge.

Source: Apple.

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