One of the features of the Apple Watch Series 4 is a feature that allows you to remove the electrocardiogram (ECG). However, as it became known shortly after the end of the presentation, to take advantage of this opportunity will not all the buyers of the new Apple smart watch.

According to representatives Apple, the release of the corresponding application will take place later this year. But the important thing is that the utility will not work in many regions. Initially use it can only U.S. residents.

Cupertinos explain the decision by saying that the new feature is still at testing stage. So users will have to wait a bit. However, more questions causing the delay in release of new features, and geographic limitations. Some believe that the latter is associated with the absence of special permissive documents. It is possible that the launch of new functions, the cupertinos have had to register their new watch as a medical device. And to do this we would have many times and in different countries.

Recall that in the framework of yesterday’s presentation, Apple has separately focused on the fact that the Apple Watch Series 4 with the possibility of ECG been certified by the Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines (FDA).


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