The secret of Korean smart watches Galaxy Watch Active 2 — band. The patent on it Samsung held in 2015. Sewn electrodes send signals under the skin. So the device monitors physical activity, the depth of sleep, heart rate, shows the percentage of fat and water retention in the body. The main chips Samsung has borrowed from its main competitor and the monopolist in the market of Apple Watch. But the measurements of fat — this is not even the Americans.

The ECG will alert you to potential problems with the heart, and the fall detector will trigger if the owner suddenly lost consciousness. The watch will prompt you to call an ambulance. If a minute no answer, the call of doctors will happen automatically.

It all still works fine in the US but not in Russia. We have no connection to the smart watch and physicians not. Junk and sending ECG, the user says the Apple Watch Jam Ibragimov.

Jam Ibragimov user Apple Watch, “of Course I’m waiting, like manna from heaven, to take an electrocardiogram, to send this data to your doctor. If Samsung will make sure that this will work on the territory of the Russian Federation, despite their great love for “Apple”, I told him to change to Samsung. Because health is much more important. Moreover, I buy this for dad, for mom.”

Contact the smart watch and physicians in Russia and prevent technical problems and legal obstacles, experts say. And here it is not only about the difficulties of certification, but in the protection of personal data. Says publisher Oleg Kapranov.

Oleg Kapranov publisher “Update: fixing the falls, calling an ambulance or message to the relatives, the removal of cardiogram — it was the social function that did purchase the Apple Watch is clear. It’s not the kind of accuracy that ensures the equipment, but it’s information that can hint to the man that it would be nice to walk to the clinic. This is the story of a software, that is, they gradually open it, you have it all syncs with the cloud. Out of the cloud and the data can get a doctor. In Russia, personal data, medical data, everything is so difficult and confusing that it is very unlikely that it will work fully. If we talk about Apple, there is still some magic Apple. In the case of Samsung and hours — it’s pretty sad.”

However, the medical functions of smartwatches — it is very promising. In this area Samsung may oust Apple says the blogger Wylsacom Valentin Petukhov.

Valentin Petukhov, blogger, founder of YouTube channel Wylsacom “Everything that relates to medical functions, it is very interesting to the big companies. This is a separate opportunity to sell an accessory or a smartphone. And as for hours, here Samsung repeats in some sense the capabilities of the Apple with their product, going on the beaten track, because there are agreements, including with the relevant structures in the United States. Just in Russia I think no, because even Apple our market looks the other way, unfortunately, because some services are still not localized here, there is about certification. Actually Samsung for its part can play a very good for the Russian market, because if they will implement it here, perhaps in terms of a competitive struggle Apple will go a bit more in our market.”

The price of the gadget from Samsung will be compatible with the Apple Watch 4. Now their average cost 32 thousand rubles. However, the Internet community has met the news about the Korean counterpart positively. Hotheads on the forums already suggest Apple’s “write a will”. It is expected that the presentation of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will be held in August.

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