Experts continue to study the internal build of the iOS 14, to got their hands. According to new data, in the future cupertinos plan to modify the application by adding an augmented reality mode.

Sources say that iOS 14, users will be able to search not only on the map, but also to use augmented reality. Presumably this would require the AR helmet. However, how exactly will work this option, remains a mystery. It is possible that such feature will be somehow tied to yet pannsylvania Apple tracker. In the past, network sources reported about some of the special AR mode, which will help users to find lost items.

Also, the application should appear function in order to determine who got in the specified location by a certain time or not. This feature should appeal to parents who will be able to monitor the location of their child. In addition, the Locator will be able to send a notification if the person left the scene before the set time.


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