In a special online event which will take place at the end of July 2018, experts of service of technical support Apple will answer the questions of owners of smart speakers HomePod.

HomePod is a new product for Apple. Therefore, the Corporation wants to make sure owners of the device have all the features of the gadget.

Anyone with questions concerning the work of the HomePod, you can ask them in a special chat, which will be held this week. The event will take place from 21:00 July 25, 2018 until 01:00 on 26 July, Moscow time. As a platform selected special section of the support site.

Apple promises that the online event will help visitors to learn how to personalize the settings of the HomePod, to create a stereo pair, 2 to use AirPlay and Siri, and more.

Smart column Apple HomePod costs $ 350. This significantly exceeds the price of similar offerings nearby competitors, for example, the Amazon Echo. Therefore, the Corporation Tim cook has made considerable efforts to promote this gadget.


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