Today’s press conference, Apple will certainly be a top issue next days. But the company decided to throw fuel to the fire of public interest. As we know, all previous similar events were broadcast exclusively in Safari and Edge on desktops. This annoyed many users, including MacOS.

WWDC 2018 was already possible to watch in Chrome and Firefox. Now, Apple has decided to expand the stream and onto other platforms. In an official tweet the company has a record clearly indicating that the stream at this time will go via the microblogging service.

Join us September 12 at 10 a. m. PDT to watch the #AppleEvent live on Twitter. Tap ❤ app below and we’ll send you updates on event day.

— Apple (@Apple) 10 Sep 2018

In addition, Apple will be notified of the beginning of the broadcast. If you put “like” this entry, that the official Twitter account of the company will report on the start of the event. However, after that users will come more with the hashtag #AppleEvent video, GIF animations, links, tweets, and so on.

The presentation will begin today at 20:00 Moscow time. We will conduct live text coverage from the event and will talk about all Apple updates, which is expected pretty much.

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