TASS, October 29. Apple started an investigation in relation to their Taiwanese supplier Quanta Computer after the information that the organization illegally attracted students to work in the factory producing Apple watch in Chongqing (southwest China). On Monday the newspaper reported the Financial Times.

According to her, Apple began checking last week after about the violations, said human rights organisation Sacom.

“We are urgently investigating the message that the student interns, adopted in September, process and work the night shift. We adhere to a policy of zero tolerance to non-compliance with our standards and ensure rapid response and appropriate action if we find violations”, — the newspaper quotes words of the representative of Apple.

28 students interviewed by Sacom, said that he had been sent to the factory in Chongqing her teachers for practice, but when it worked together with staff members, processing and staying on night shifts, according to the Chinese law student interns is prohibited. Teachers some students told them that they will not graduate in time if not will practice. According to one of respondents, the factory employed about 120 students.

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