As we already wrote, Apple reported results for the fourth quarter of 2018 fiscal year, which ended for her on 29 September 2018. And if the income and revenue provided a record quarter for Apple, and profitability from services in $ 10 billion in General set a new absolute record when it came to sales iPhone, iPad and Mac in pieces, many were disappointed and the stock fell in price.

Just over a quarter were sold 46,88 million iPhones, which is just slightly more than last year, when it was sold 46,67 million iPad Sales fell 6% from 10.32 to 9.69 million Mac Sales declined by 2% from 5.38 to 5.29 million if to consider the volume of revenue from sales, the revenue from iPhone grew by 29% during the same quarter. Simply put, smartphones sold by the same amount, but the price increased.

In this regard, the chief financial officer Apple Luca Maestri (Luca Maestri) said during a conference call with investors that the company will no longer provide information on sales of the iPhone, iPad and Mac in their quarterly reports. According to him, Apple is confident that sales of the device in pieces for a quarterly period are not indicative of the state of Affairs of the company.

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