The new development of Apple.

Apple intends to solve the problem using an iPhone in the rain, when smartphone screen get drops. To do this, the company is developing a new method of detecting finger touches the iPhone’s display, which will ignore the erroneous “push” the water droplets.

If the iPhone screen gets water or the user’s hands are wet, the phone incorrectly identifies or ignores altogether touch. Moreover, water drops can initiate accidental pressing, making the use of iPhone in the rain problematic. The same applies to smartphones from other manufacturers.

Apple plans to solve this problem. The company’s engineers create a new technology that will allow the display to distinguish the user’s contacts and accidentally pressing against dripping water. In the latest Apple patent called “Tracking touches in a wet environment” describes a system of filtering that detects and records user click. The definition of a touch occurs on a number of parameters, including the current task on the smartphone, the area of pressing, etc.

Apple could implement such technology in the next generation of iPhones. It is expected that the innovation will happen in the iPhone sample 2019.

Source: uspto.


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