New types of Emoji will be created on the basis of the approved character set Unicode 10. The new product will be available for use after the free upgrade.

The package will include Emoji characters with different options of hairstyles to represent people with red, gray and curly hair, as well as a new symbol Emoji for bald people.

The list of animals represented in the Emoji keyboard, will add a kangaroo, peacock, parrot and lobster, and the list of foods will replenish mango, lettuce, cupcake, moon stick and other popular products.

There are also many additional icons of sports symbols and other images including new icons, superheroes, softball, Nazar amulet and symbol of infinity.

Currently in iOS, watch OS and macOS are available thousands of characters, Emoji, including emoticons, different items of clothing, food, animals and many other images.

Earlier, the channel five reported on what personality traits increase the risk of dependence on social networks.


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