Apple will shut off is in finding a Russian App StoreНачиная 12 December 2018 all Russian developers will lose access to the service Search Ads.

He was allowed to promote the app in the App store and attract the installations, but Apple was forced to reconsider the policy of service in the Russian Federation.

The developers received a notification:

In short: “In connection with changes in the value added tax in Russia (starting from 1 January 2019) Apple Search Ads will no longer work in the country.”

Any specific date of termination of service, Apple does not mention. But the main reason for such a “forced measure” — the so-called “tax on Google”.

From 1 January 2019 all foreign companies working in Russia are required to register with the IRS. VAT they have to pay for yourself, although previously such payments were carried out through the customer.

It seems that Search Ads in Russia is Apple simply unprofitable, and the new changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation only will complicate life for application developers.

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