25 Aug 2018 it became known, that to eliminate the consequences of floods in the Indian state of Kerala Apple will ship one million dollars. The customers can also make donations via Apple.com and iTunes.

Apple representatives said they are deeply shocked by the incident in Kerala and want to support survivors, but also to help those who were forced to leave their original place of residence. The Corporation will donate approximately one million dollars to mercy corps India and Fund the disaster response of the government.

Apple users could discover on the official website and on iTunes links which can be translated in support of the victims in India from 5 to 200 dollars.

“We are devastated by disastrous flooding in the state of Kerala. Apple will donate 70 million rupees for the work life-saving. Mercy corps India and the Foundation of disaster response of the government to make efforts to support survivors, help those who were evacuated, and restore homes and schools.

We also activated the button for donations in iTunes and the App Store to all our customers who wish to support the efforts of the mercy Corps, could easily do it,” says the official statement from Apple.

This is not the first case when the company Tim cook sends money to combat the consequences of natural disasters. In 2017, Apple has transferred two million dollars to help the victims of hurricane Harvey did several tranches to the Fund of liquidation of consequences of forest fires in southern California.

The cause of the current floods in Kerala became torrential rains. The disaster killed more than 200 people, 500 000 people were evacuated. This flood was the largest in India over the last hundred years.


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