But it will be a serious drawback.

In the near future Apple will equip the iPhone WiGig modules instead of Wi-Fi. A key feature of WiGig technology is the data transfer rate of up to 7 Gbit/s. For comparison, the maximum data transfer rate of the latest Wi-Fi standard 802.11 ac equal to 433 Mbps.

Insiders found out that now Apple is exploring deals in the market and is determined by the supplier of WiGig modules. The development of such modules has been addressed by many companies, including Intel, Mediatek, Broadcom and ADM. Apple plans to cooperate with one of these manufacturers, with the aim to transfer iPhone to WiGig in 2020.

The signal WiGig is a significant minus. It is transmitted at 60 GHz, which increased data transmission rate compared to Wi-Fi is only possible within a radius of 10 meters from the router. Any obstacles, such as walls, greatly impair the signal quality. In this regard, it is expected that Apple will initially not be able to completely abandon the usual modules Wi-Fi, which will remain in the smartphones.

Source: CoM.


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