A selfie will no longer be perfect.

A few weeks after the start of sales iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone it became known that the front camera of smartphones make the stories more beautiful. Because of the features Smart HDR there is an additional smoothing which eliminates the disadvantages on the faces of people, for example, hide acne and wrinkles. Today it became clear that in iOS 12.1 this bug is front camera in the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max will be eliminated.

The imminent elimination of the problems stated by the official representatives of Apple. They stressed that Smart HDR really smooths out the skin because of the choice more clearly the basic structure of the image. The company believes this is a bug and will soon fix it.

It is noteworthy that not all users of iPhone XS iPhone XS Max referred to this bug negatively. Many noted that they like the effect, comparable with the filters in Snapchat. However, the majority of new iPhone users were unhappy with this feature of the front cameras of their smartphones.

Apple should release iOS 12.1 in the coming weeks. It is possible that the release of firmware will take place on 30 October, immediately after the end of the presentation of the iPad Pro 2018 and other new products Apple.

Source: The Verge.


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