Last year Apple removed from the iPhone XR support 3D Touch. Recall that the first such feature was available in iPhone 6s. However, this year cupertinos plans is to abandon 3D Touch. According to sources, none of iPhone 2019 model year will not support this technology.

This week about Apple’s plans to abandon 3D Touch reported by several sources, including analysts from Barclays. The experts note that the cupertinos will not completely remove a popular feature. They’ll just replace it with the Haptic Touch is the software equivalent of a 3D Touch. Thus, the most habitual of gestures will continue.

It is worth noting that for the first time a software analog 3D Touch appeared in last year’s iPhone XR. For reviews Haptic Touch copes with its responsibilities. However, this system has several disadvantages. For example, Haptic Touch, supports long press in the “control Center”.

However, there is speculation that this year will finalize the cupertinos software analog 3D Touch, increasing the number of supported gestures.


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