Apple plans to 2021 to combine application development for iPhone, iPad and Mac, according to Bloomberg, citing sources.

“By 2021, developers can integrate applications for iPhone, iPad and Mac in one application or so-called “single binary file”. “This means that developers don’t have to send their applications in different App stores, they will be able to download iOS apps directly from the Mac, combining the stores,” — said the publication.

The initiative was code-named “Marzipan”, says the publication. In the framework of the project by 2020, the company also plans to add a new feature that will allow you to convert iPhone apps into Mac apps. Apple engineers called it a complex task due to the difference in size of screens of smartphones and computers.

The company has no plans to merge iOS and macOS in a single operating system.

Along with this, the company’s plans could change, said the sources. In a press-service Apple declined to comment.

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