With notifications and cashback.

Apple and the investment Bank Goldman Sachs plans to issue a joint credit card before the end of 2019. Card from Apple will be available to users directly through the Wallet app on the iPhone and will offer different unique features, for example, the function of determining future costs.

In the Apple want to adapt their previous experience in order to make use of credit card original. The company wants to add in-app Wallet solutions used in your Activity.

Users will be able to see interactive charts with statistics of use of the card, similar to the rings in the Activity app, which will be filled when the user is moving or performing physical exercise. Also “Smart” credit card from Apple will be able to warn users about inappropriate spending.

Credit card Apple be issued by the Bank Goldman Sachs, and to use a payment network Mastercard. Cardholders will be offered cashback at a rate of two per cent on most purchases, including devices and services Apple.

Original credit card from Apple will be available only in the United States. If the demand for the card would be great, then Apple will launch it in other countries.

Source: WSJ.


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