The company decided to attract customers with price.

Apple intends to reduce the price of its most affordable smartphone sample 2018 XR iPhone, reports The Wall Street Journal, citing intelligence sources. Apple unhappy with iPhone sales XR and plans to rectify the situation by offering consumers a reasonably priced smartphone.

According to the WSJ, Apple will reduce the iPhone not XR worldwide. The company will point to reduce the price of the smartphone in the markets of the countries with the greatest potential of sales of new products. The first country where the iPhone is officially XR cheaper will be Japan. Then Apple will appreciate the XR for sale iPhone updated price and will make a similar offer in other markets.

The WSJ sources have not reported how much the price drops iPhone XR due to a new decision by Apple. It is assumed that the reduction can be as high as $100 and it will happen next week.

Note that a similar sudden decline in prices for new iPhone models are not uncommon practice for Apple. The company is closely monitoring the situation in various markets and from time to time and makes the necessary adjustments in the prices of smartphones.

Source: WSJ.


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