Apple plans to use new and interesting technology.

Apple hopes to become the first company to release a smartphone with “invisible” cameras. Manufacturing partner of Apple, the company Largan Precision, creates a unique technology that allows you to mask the front facing camera on the front. Analysts believe that such a decision may appear in the iPhone in 2020.

Largan Precision, the company develops special tinted coating for lenses front cameras. It does not affect the quality of shooting and allows you to hide the camera lens on the front surface of the smartphone.

The front facing camera in the latest iPhone models are not very noticeable, but from different angles and still clearly visible. A special coating will “frontalka” completely invisible. Due to this the front panel of the iPhone will be a single entity without any distracting components. Such a desire has repeatedly said Apple lead designer jony Ive.

Analysts of investment company GF Securities believe that Largan Precision will provide the technology first is Apple. Companies have long cooperated with each other, so the appearance of such an original design for the first time should expect in the iPhone.

Source: UDN.


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