At the moment most Apple products assembled in China. However, Apple has long been considering other options. In particular, India. At the moment the Indian factories collect only older models of the iPhone. However, sources say that next year in India could be running the Assembly and the new Apple smartphones.

According to Reuters, next year Indian division Foxconn to start production of a line of smartphones iPhone X. This should have a positive impact on the business of Apple company in India.

It is noteworthy that information about the possible launch of new Assembly lines in India came from several sources, one of which is the Minister of industry of the southern state of Tamil Nadu. In this region plans to assemble Apple’s smartphones.

It should be noted that the reason for the start of the build flagship devices outside of China could become a trade war between China and the United States. Earlier Bloomberg, citing its own sources reported that in the case of increased duties on Chinese goods Apple may abandon part of the Chinese production. Apparently, cupertinos did not wait for the development of the situation and are gradually preparing for a negative development of the situation.


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