Apple has long thought about it and it seems they have decided.

Apple plans to equip the iPhone and Apple Watch next generation MicroLED displays unique. About the interest of Apple in the displays of the new generation became known after a meeting of company representatives with manufacturers of screens of a new generation. The MicroLED OLED displays are superior for all possible parameters, so equipping their iPhone and Apple Watch would significantly improve the device.

Apple is interested in the display of the MicroLED. In 2015, the company opened a secret laboratory where you will examine and improve the technology. Now the official representatives of Apple met with manufacturers of displays of new generation. Experts believe that Apple is seriously considering the use of MicroLED displays in their devices.

The MicroLED displays many advantages compared to OLED and LCD displays. They have greater colour accuracy and contrast, faster response time and the most black colours. In addition, the MicroLED displays are thinner, much brighter, but much more energy-efficient.

The only disadvantage of the MicroLED displays is their high cost. However, if Apple is really thinking about their use in devices, it, apparently, managed to reduce their cost.

It is expected that the first Apple device with MicroLED display will become “smart” watches Apple Watch.

Source: MR.


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