Price new AirPods should not increase.

Apple is planning to release updated model headphone wireless AirPods this spring, reported the Economic Daily News, citing intelligence sources. New AirPods will be released in white and black, and the earphones will have a special matte finish.

Supplier of Apple, Inventec, is currently engaged in the production of new AirPods, learned insiders. The manufacturer will be ready to provide the desired amount of Apple headphones in the spring, and then it will launch new products. It is not excluded that Apple will unveil a new AirPods 2019 at the presentation on March 25.

New AirPods will be released in white and black color with special matte coating which “improves grip”. It is expected that the headphones would be even better to stay in my ears. In addition, the charging case updated AirPods will support wireless charging.

The new models AirPods will not change in comparison with the first version and will be $159, said the insiders. If this information is confirmed, then in Russia a new model of AirPods will go on sale at a price of 13 719 rubles. As for the old models, then Apple most likely will not leave her in the sale at a discount. Original AirPods will disappear from sale. Otherwise depreciating AirPods first generation will distract consumers from purchasing the new model AirPods.

Source: EDN.


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