At the end of September on the shelves were not only the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max, but also new accessories. In particular, Apple has started selling silicone and leather cases for the new smartphones. The company was in no hurry to report, are similar accessories for iPhone and Xr. Recently it became known that especially for the new 6.1-inch device the cupertinos will prepare unique silicone case. However, cost of the accessory will not come cheap.

According to available data, specifically for the iPhone Xr Apple will produce the first fully transparent silicone case. It is believed that this accessory was designed primarily in order not to hide the bright colors in which there is a new iPhone. Recall that the iPhone Xr will be available in six different colors: black, white, red, yellow, blue and coral.

As for the cost of a new accessory, at the moment the official price is yet to be named. However, we know that in Canada you can buy it for 55 canadian dollars, or about $ 40.

It is worth noting that third party manufacturers have long produced cases for iPhone Xr. Among them are a fully transparent silicone accessories. And unlike Apple branded cases third-party solutions are significantly cheaper. For example, the company Speck offers transparent silicone case for $ 14.


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