At the end of last year Qulacomm were able to achieve a ban on sales of some iPhones in Germany. The reason for this was the violation of several patents owned by the chip maker. However, almost immediately after the ban cupertinos noted that are already working on a solution to this problem. And as it turned out, Apple approached this issue very seriously.

Initially it was assumed that the cupertinos will actively challenge violations in court. However, the company went a slightly different way. In addition to litigation, Apple has decided to release for the German market special models of the iPhone, which do not violate the patents of Qualcomm.

The cupertinos have been forced to take this step due to the fact that the disputed patents for the hardware of the iPhone. In the end, Apple has started to prepare a special batch of their smartphones, which will not be applied to components that violate the rights of Qualcomm. The first such devices should appear on store shelves in a month.

It is worth noting that Apple has managed to cope with the ban on the sale of the iPhone. In particular, by using the software update cupertinos bypassed the ban on the sale of its smartphones in China.


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