In the framework of the security conference Black Hat, which started in Las Vegas in the beginning of this week, Apple is planning to announce its new program, focused for experts in information security. According to available data, cupertinos want to give the experts access to “special” versions of the iPhone.

According to the publication Forbes, citing informed sources, the participants of the new program Apple will be able to access the engineering models of the iPhone. The latter have more capabilities than the consumer version of Apple’s smartphones and are better suited to find vulnerabilities and weaknesses in security iOS.

In the past it was engineering samples of the iPhone helped companies like Cellebrite and GrayShift to create their own solutions for cracking blocked Apple’s smartphones. This is cupertinos was not able to detect the vulnerability that was used by third party specialists for password guessing. To combat the devices from Cellebrite and GrayShift Apple has introduced a number of restrictions on the transfer of data through Lightning.


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