The Verge, citing its own sources reported that during today’s presentation press conference the Apple company will not show a new sub-brand Beats headphones. The only model in this category will be the new AirPods support team Hey Siri.

Apparently, Apple didn’t feel the need too often to update the range of the subsidiary. Because it is possible that 2018 will be new models of headphones Beats.

And it is, overall, not too surprising, because for the last five years the company was updated, in fact, three models: Solo, Studio and Powerbeats. Moreover, these improvements have been evolutionary. Simply put, nothing new there, but the Beats and produced every year new products. The same model BeatsX (2016) remained without improvement, though, perhaps, in Cupertino believe it’s perfect.

We can assume that if the current year is really a miss, then in 2019 it is expected something loud. Recall that today’s presentation of new Apple products kicks off at 20:00 Moscow time.

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