Under the March presentation cupertinos has introduced several new services, among whom were the Apple Arcade. According to representatives of the company, in the autumn it will allow owners of Apple devices to assess 100 exclusive games. However, today the Financial Times has shared information about how much Apple will cost to run such a service.

According to reports, the cupertinos are willing to spend on Apple Arcade around 500 million dollars. On what will be spent, such funds, the sources are not reported. We only know that the money will then be paid to developers if their projects will be exclusively available in the Apple Arcade.

The authors 9to5Mac believe that Apple will not prohibit porting games from your new service to the “big” games platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Importantly, the projects came out on Android.

Previously it was reported that to access the directory service, users will have to purchase a special subscription. Its exact cost is still unknown. However, the network has information that after the launch of the Arcade game developers will receive a steady income depending on how much time users spend on their games.


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