Apple will sue for dust under the screen MacApple was faced with another series of similar lawsuits from buyers. At this time, the owners of the iMac and MacBook are revolted that from-for poor quality filters under the display eventually appears dust.

Besides the fact that this causes “spots” on the display, reduces processor performance, the problem good affects users.

Here are stains of dust appear because of the lack of filter.

Lawyer Hagens Berman brings specific arguments and talks about plans for his company:

Today Apple is recognized as one of the most valuable company. All because consumers trust her. But Apple are unable to eliminate one of the most famous and simple problems — accumulation of dust.

The company does not assume any responsibility, and for the repair paid by the buyer.

We want to fix this and force Apple to admit his mistake. In the end the defect is observed on millions of computers.

The problem really affects a wide range of devices, from iMacs and MacBooks 2013 and up to 2018 release.

For clearing dust between the protective glass and the matrix Apple charges $600. This with devices that are not covered by warranty. And the number of such repairs is incredibly high, say the authors of the lawsuit.

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