Presentation of the new iPhone will almost certainly take place on September 12. The journalists of the German edition of the boy’s body told the representatives of the local operators. They also confirmed the date of the start of pre-orders, which start in two days, September 14.

The practice has developed in such a way that when Tim Cook all new iPhone presented on Tuesday or Wednesday, which fell on 7, 9, 10 or 12 Sep. This year September 7th falls on Friday, 9th Sunday, 10th Monday, which Apple tries to avoid like the plague, and 11th for obvious reasons, not considered at all.

When you introduce a new iPhone

From this we can draw the logical conclusion that Apple simply has no other choice but to make a presentation on September 12. This version adheres to several industry sources who have authority in such matters.

Available iPhone

This year, Apple again presents three models of iPhone with different diagonal displays, hardware and, of course, price. The most attractive of them will be the younger model that will receive the LCD screen is 6.1 inches, dual SIM and affordable price tag not above $ 699 for the version in the base configuration.


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