Apple has announced the withdrawal of the party of adapters for wall outlets, sold worldwide. As have informed in a press-service of the brand, the defective device can hit current user — at the moment there were several such cases.

Apple announced a recall of three-prong adapters are intended for network sockets. It is reported that the use of these devices may lead to electric shock.

“Apple has determined that in very rare cases, three-pin network adapters, distributed mainly in the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong, can fail, causing the risk of electric shock if touching metal parts”, — says the official message of the company.

This adapter extended from 2003 to 2010 along with the Mac and some iOS devices, in addition, it was included in the kit Apple World Travel Adapter Kit.

Apple is already aware of at least six occasions when people have received electric shocks from faulty adapters.

“Customer safety is a priority for Apple, so we decided to replace the old adapters for new for free. We encourage users to use the exchange program by completing the appropriate instructions,” — said the press service.

On Apple’s official website also shows a picture of a adapter that can pose health risks. It is noted that it is completely white and has no inscriptions. The new version of the adapter, not prone to breakage, has within the unit in light gray.

This is not the first time when Apple have to recall the adapters. Three years ago, a similar program was launched for two-pin devices sold in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, continental Europe, South Korea and New Zealand. These defective adapters also carried the risk of electric shock.

However, defects in Apple devices is not uncommon.

In September of last year it became known about the presence of defects in the party iPhone 8. Due to a failure in the motherboard have gadgets could cause hang-UPS, unexpected restarts and even trouble turning on the device.

Defective iPhone 8 has been sent instantly to eight countries and regions of the world — Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Macau, New Zealand and the United States. Apple promised free repair damaged smartphones.

In addition, just a week after the presentation of the gadget users have begun to complain of background noise and crackling in the dynamics. The problem was software in nature, so the victims were advised to return the factory settings of the phone.

Numerous problems met in “dozens”, or iPhone X. This Apple gadget has become the champion by quantity of negative responses from disgruntled users.

For example, in February of last year on the Apple forums there were complaints that the X iPhone hangs when incoming call, which becomes impossible to accept it.

The essence of the complaint is that when you call touchscreen X iPhone hangs for about 10 seconds, so the user sometimes does not have time to click on a virtual button to accept the incoming call. In addition, some users call and does not display on the screen the call was accompanied by only the acoustic signal. These problems have turned expensive gadget in the high-tech “brick”.

Among other things, users of “ten” has complained of a defect that causes a real physical pain — gadget is literally pulling out their hair at the temples that get stuck between the casing and screen during a phone conversation. In the media, this defect is called “the most stupid reason to abandon the iPhone X”.

Of the more urgent defects “Apple” devices, you can highlight the problem of sticky keys in the keyboard-butterfly the third generation in MacBook Pro and MacBook Air versions 2018. In March 2019 Apple finally admitted this defect, and for the first time apologized.

“We’re aware that some users are experiencing difficulties when working with keyboard-butterfly the third generation, and we apologize for that. The majority of laptop users of Mac are happy with the new keyboard,” — said the press service.

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