It will allow you to charge your iPhone directly from your iPad or MacBook!

Future Apple devices may get absolutely unique function. Today it became known that the company is developing a technology that allows one device to charge another in the distance. Apple has patented a new technology is likely to apply in future iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch.

New Apple patent describes how inductive charging between devices. The company has created a technology that allows one device to replenish the charge of another, if necessary. And no physical connection is required. For example, an iPhone with a low charge you can start to feed from a MacBook with enough to use charge.

Completely wireless charging without a special docking stations are designed for a long time. At the moment it is not used in devices aimed at the mass market. The reason is still a low charge rate and the need to place the device in the immediate vicinity of the transmitter. However, many smartphone manufacturers, including Apple, are interested in technology, planning to start using it in the near future.

A similar but improved solution now creates and Apple. However, it is understood that the technology will appear in iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices only after bringing it to an acceptable level.

Source: uspto.


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