After a week of use 6 Redmi, I realized one important thing — iOS is far behind Android. Of course, before that I had a lot of iOS and Android devices, however, every year the gap between the two systems harder.

In the Android Pie, a host of new features. The system, in truth, I have not yet used (do not throw stones), but even if you compare iOS and Android 12 8.1, you can see that iOS is lagging behind.

In the Android Pie has the following new features: power-saving function AI based, power control based on AI, the function Slices, a function of the Actions, gestures with the possibility of interaction between two Windows applications, control application usage. Impressive. In addition, Android users 9 state that the system has become more stable and smoother.

The same can be said about Android 8.1 compared to Android 7. Google is constantly updating Android, not bringing the system to any bugs. Each update improves system stability and functionality is greatly increased.

What was added in iOS 12? Really useful is a grouping of the notification and analysis of the use of the device. Shortcuts with Siri you can play the first time, but then this quickly gets boring because of the need to activate the voice command is not always convenient. Animoji? Utility zero. The company States that the old iPhone began to work on 40% faster, in fact, of course, applications are opened at about the same speed, but in General was smoother, Yes.

Okay a small number of innovations, the company releases a new iOS, and then the whole year fixes bugs that appeared in the system. In the case of Android I had ever seen. Android is only getting more stable.

Surprisingly, Apple still can not implement the code folding feature of the Phone app during an incoming call. There is no possibility to choose default apps, no normal notifications work even with regard to their group. And it’s certainly not that Apple does not understand or does not want to implement. The problem is more technical. In my opinion, the architecture of iOS is outdated and Apple with each passing year it becomes harder and harder to add new features. Perhaps it will sound silly, but what if the code folding feature “dialers” are difficult to implement due to limitations of iOS?

Notice how I wrote above, each new update is the appearance of many bugs. Apple, in my opinion, technically not able to add many new features due to architectural limitations.

Suggest this idea, and even the news that Google is working on a new operating system Fuchsia in order to bypass the architectural limitations of Android (in simple words, the system is already outdated). Android and iOS were created around the same time. And it seems that the iOS in this respect of far more problems. Perhaps Apple is already working on a new system, but the lack of any information on this Network is alarming.

Do not rule out that my opinion was complete bullshit, but something tells me that if Apple don’t start thinking about designing a new OS, they missed the point and simply lost the battle operating systems of new generation.

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