August 2, 2018, Apple became the first U.S. company to the total capitalization of which exceeded $ 1 trillion. According to Reuters, Tim cook has sent a congratulatory message 120 000 Apple employees.

Apple’s CEO noted that the record value of the market cost is undoubtedly a great achievement for the whole company. However, this is not the most important measure of success. According to Tim cook, excellent financial results are a byproduct of ongoing innovation by Apple.

“Today, Apple has passed a significant milestone. At the close, the trading price of the shares amounted to 207,39 of the dollar, the stock market evaluates Apple is now one trillion dollars. And although we are very proud of this achievement, it is not the most important measure of success. Financial return is just the result of innovation by Apple. Our products and customers are always on the first place among our values,” wrote cook.

The current head of Apple said that Steve jobs founded the company with the belief that man can solve the most complex problems with creativity. Employees of the Corporation must focus on the future of the company and the great work Apple is going to continue.

Rumors that the market value of the largest technology companies in 2018 will reach an important psychological mark of $ 1 trillion, went quite a long time. However, stock analysts doubted who of corporations, be the first to do it. Many bet on Amazon, but the strategy of Tim cook and his team was more successful.


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