In public transport there were terminals that accept a fare using the card or mobile app

Terminals for payment of travel equipped with bus No. 11. Now citizens can easily buy a ticket “one-touch” — with contactless Bank cards or phones with apps Sumsung Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Journalists, as well as acting Director General of the GPPO Pskovpassazhiravtotrans Nikolai Kenez and Chairman of the Committee on transport and road facilities of the Pskov area Boris Elkin specifically drove the bus to find out how it all works.

The scheme is very simple and no different from paying by credit card in stores. Simply attach a card or a phone with the application installed to the terminal from the conductor, and he immediately prints a receipt at the store. The date and time, ticket price, and the initials of the conductor. This check has to be kept until the end of the trip, as usual ticket.

“Very simple and convenient”, — summed up Mykola Kenez. He bought a ticket, attaching the map. It took him a couple of seconds.

According to the bus conductor Tatyana Chistyakova, the system is more comfortable, takes less time than the payment “live” money, though, because there is no need to count the change. During rush hour, the terminal is an essential thing.

“It would be nice to switch completely to this method, she confessed and said that while the service is mostly young people. — They have it out — once, twice — and you’re done! But older people are not left out from new technologies. One grandmother paid card for travel. However, for a long time then swore that she did not immediately come SMS-notification of debit”.

Someone worse?

“At the initial stage 10 city buses operate one route with the provision of services for payment in cash, in the nearest plans — to introduce the service on other buses,” — said Mykola Kenez and expressed the hope that the Hanseatic days terminals will be on most routes. In addition, this technology in the future want to use in other cities of the region — the Pechora, the Bottom of the Island.

It is logical that older people will be handier to use a Bank card, because not everyone has a modern phone that can install the app.

“The new system will make life easier for the people of Pskov and eliminate any fraud, — said Boris Elkin. Such innovations are very important for our region. In the future we plan to develop electronic tickets”.

It is interesting that the full transition to the clearing settlement it is not. The conductor keep taking the money. In addition to the heavy bags of money additional burden will be heavy terminal, which will certainly cause inconvenience when buses full of people. It turns out, the passengers is eased, and the conductors, on the contrary.

Pskov well remember a similar situation with validators that have emerged in urban transport in 2017. The idea quickly became obsolete, because he created a lot of problems. Conductors have complained that it is difficult to wear and the bag and the device. In addition, every time they had to enter a bus stop, which goes a passenger that took a lot of time. Former head of the “Pskovpassazhirautotrans” Alexander Pitirimov then admitted that the introduction of the validators was a mistake.

Now the payment system has changed, but the same heavy bags left. When transport workers are fully exempt from this burden is not yet clear.

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