It seems, for the first time in the history of jurisprudence people have been jailed for refusing to give law enforcement the password to access your iPhone. It is reported the American news channel FOX News, citing official representatives of the court.

The background

It all began on the evening of 21 June, when police stopped the car of William montanes for the away team to give him a ticket for violation of traffic rules. In the framework of the detention, the police searched the car of montanes for the away team, and found he had a certain amount of marijuana, weapons, and two iPhone 7, one of which at the time of the seizure was highlighted message, “They found them.”


Since many United States citizens are allowed to carry a concealed weapon, and marijuana is used for medicinal purposes, genuine interest of law enforcement officers called it a message. On their requirement to unlock the smartphone montanes for the away team refused and was subjected to pre-emptive detention.

Forgot password iPhone

The judge to whom the police applied for a search warrant iPhone, gave his consent and demanded the real Zaragoza are back to reveal the access codes. That, in turn, has declared that does not remember passwords, since smartphones are quite new, and he did not have time to carefully memorize so necessary to the law enforcement character.

The judge described the actions of the montanes of real Zaragoza as a refusal to obey justice and adopted the decision on appointing him a real prison term of 180 days. The lawyer of the condemned has declared disagreement with the verdict of the judge and the willingness to defend the right of the principal to the secrecy of private correspondence and confidentiality of private information.


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