IPhone apps can secretly record video and take screenshots on the user device to send the developers figured out the experts of the publication TechCrunch. It turned out that this is actively used by the developers of some very popular apps. Apple does not restrict such actions.

For the covert video recording and to capture screenshots on iPhone users, technology research company Glassbox. It is set in some really popular worldwide apps, such as Hotels, Air Canada, Hollister, Expedia and Singapore Airlines. Technology for recording can be used in many other applications — full list.

The development of Glassbox allows developers to silently record the user’s screen, with touch button and the input characters on the keyboard. After a video or screenshots sent to the application developers, according to the official explanations of which the aim is the analysis of user habits and improve the quality of service.

Third-party developers who oppose such technology, notes that the video recording from iPhone users is executed in random time. In this regard, there is a chance that during recording the screen can be personal data, for example, information about Bank cards.

At the moment Apple does not forbid the application with such a function, they are free to get into the App Store. Moreover, the same technology is used by other Analytics companies, for example, UXCam and Appsee. It is not excluded that after a secret video recording from users ‘ devices became massively aware, Apple will prohibit or limit these services.

Source: TechCrunch.


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