In 2017, Apple released ARKit — a set of tools to create applications with augmented reality. Tim cook is confident that it will change the world, but its necessity is questionable.

Earlier in the network appeared frequently rumors that Apple will release a VR glasses. But the company decided to bet on augmented reality. This approach has multiple advantages.

First, Apple has a huge base of devices running the latest version of iOS. Unlike Google and manufacturers of Android smartphones, Apple does not have to worry about the fact that there are modern devices that do not support ARKit. Secondly, Apple has a large base of developers ready to use the latest tools. Thirdly, the company is forcing users to buy a new expensive device. This is very important if technology want to make popular.

It would seem that it was in favor of Apple. But the company did not take into account the opinion and desire of the users, so AR apps no one uses.

In the summer and autumn of 2017, I have carefully watched this subject, tried to find interesting applications and games. But I did not. The most interesting thing I found was MeasureKit — the virtual ruler. The usefulness of this app was evaluated in Apple, so added a similar feature in iOS 12.

IOS 12 will be the first app is pre-loaded with augmented reality.

Immediately after the release of iOS 11, “Yandex.Maps” has received the support of augmented reality for walking navigation. This is a great feature from the point of view of demonstrating the possibilities, but it is not useful. During navigation in unfamiliar places, I don’t have the desire to activate the augmented reality. So it really helped, the call should be vertical to the street to be visible and not just the sidewalk. It is inconvenient and in addition looks weird.

C games all the more difficult. Large developers do not pay attention to ARKit, and the smaller studios with limited resources. It is a vicious circle in which users are unhappy with the current state of Affairs, and developers do not want to create something new, because people don’t show interest.

Another issue with AR applications is the high energy consumption. Sometimes you just do not want to start another boring app or game with augmented reality, because the battery pack will melt at the sight.

In the fall of 2017 in the App Store there were very few applications with augmented reality. At first I was explained this by the fact that the developers have not had time to finish your projects. But a year later the application was no more, and in the meantime Apple released the second version of the ARKit.

Changes that should immediately be evident, not so much. With AR objects can interact with up to four people. Also improved graphics and physics. About the decision of problems with power, nothing was said. But Apple found two partners — Adobe and Lego.

Would love to words of Tim cook has come true, and augmented reality somehow began to affect our lives.


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