Today almost all the offline AR-headsets for obtaining the image uses a technology called Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS). However, if you believe Digitimes Research, in the future augmented reality headsets will be widely used microLED-screens.

According to experts, the main disadvantage of the technology microLED is the difficulty of production. For this reason, while manufacturers have not yet established serial production of such displays. However, some large companies are already showing interest in these technologies. In particular, at the beginning of this year, CES 2018, the company Sasmung showed a prototype of a microLED panel.

However, some believe that the closest thing to a mass start microLED is now Apple. However, in the past year, the cupertinos have practically abandoned the idea of using this technology in serial devices. Later, however, Apple decided not to give up on microLED now on the development of technology employs several hundred engineers.

Digitimes Research notes that it microLED displays are used in Apple’s AR glasses. In the sale of this gadget can already appear next year. If this forecast is confirmed, then the whole industry will receive a powerful impetus to the development and popularity of technology microLED will increase significantly.


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