Moscow, April 10 — “to Lead. Economy”Innovation by Apple in the sphere of health care will dramatically change the industry, analysts said investment Bank Morgan Stanley. The development of medical technologies and services can make Apple the leader in this consumer sector, which will bring copertina billions of dollars.

Apple’s stock rose 25% this year, as investor sentiment regarding the strategic transition to services has improved. Last month, the company introduced a variety of new paid services, such as streaming Apple TV project+, games with a subscription service Apple Arcade as well as Apple News with a subscription to news and magazines.

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty wrote that Apple’s progress in the field of technology for health can be underestimated on the background of the announcements services. It reiterated its “overweight” rating for the company.

“Apple is creating an ecosystem of medical services and can become a leader in this field of technology for personal health,” she wrote. “Health care is a broad opportunity for new services Apple”. She noted the large size of the healthcare market — $3.5 trillion in the US — and how Apple can use its database of 1.4 billion active devices.

According to the forecasts of Morgan Stanley, by 2027 Apple’s revenue from sales of products and services in healthcare to reach $313 billion

“Health care is one market where Apple has the potential to become the leader in part of breakthrough digital technologies. This is very similar to what iTunes did for music, or App Store for mobile devices. Looking at what all the company has done over the past five years, we see Apple is creating another components of the ecosystem, the center of which is the consumer,” reads the 56-page report, Morgan Stanley.

Experts say that Apple is replacing the various processes in the healthcare industry, using an integrated ecosystem of iPhone/iPad, iOS, App Store. While competitors Google and Amazon have more opportunities in the field of artificial intelligence, extensive user base, Apple has become a clear advantage that cannot be underestimated, the analysts add.

As noted by Fortune, the amount of American health care market more than tripled compared to global smartphones sales and international expansion adds medical companies the opportunity.

Investors may be interested in medical business to Apple if the company will extend the corresponding functionality of their mobile devices.

Unlike nedavo announced subscription streaming services that would compete with Netflix, Amazon, etc., health care is a market where Apple is very strong competition among high-tech companies.

According to Huberty, wearable devices like Apple Watch can function as a sensor monitoring the state of health, and iCloud may be free storage. Besides hospitals and doctors can pay for access to medical data and tools Apple, which will also be another source of income.

In March 2019 Apple released its findings Apple Heart Study, which involved 419 297 patients. A large-scale experiment demonstrated the ability of the Apple Watch effectively detect atrial fibrillation using a technology based on the light sensor.

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