In some usage scenarios, the iPhone 5s running the current beta iOS 12 is slightly faster than he was allowed by the previous Assembly. This convinced leading YouTube channel iAppleBytes, which conducted an independent comparison of flagship smartphones Apple 2013 iOS 11.4 and iOS 12 beta 3.

iPhone 5s and iOS 12

At the stage of inclusion, as the previous build, iOS 12 beta 3 loses the final version of iOS 11.4. Obviously, the manufacturer considered that this indicator is not so important for everyday use, and therefore chose not to pay him too much attention, especially when if is only about the version for developers.

Speed iOS 12

The rest — this refers to the application launch — the third beta of iOS 12 iOS often is faster 11.4. Smartphone running the current beta build wins when playing such key applications like Camera, Messaging, as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, giving at the stage of opening the App Store and game Subway Surf.

In the process of testing the benchmarks iPhone 5s with iOS 12 beta 3 on Board emerged victorious in two of three cases, improving the result in comparison with the debut Assembly. The speed of the run application benchmarks, almost nothing has changed here smartphone based on iOS 11.4 still feels more confident.


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