The French company Atari is returning to the market of computer games game consoles Atari VCS. The network has been published renderings, revealing the final design of the new console.

One of the most popular aspects of the Atari VCS is its awesome retro-futuristic design inspired by the original computer video system Atari 2600. Also as before, the manufacturer will release two versions of the console game: standard and collector’s with a wooden insert. The new items will differ from each other only in appearance.

The most noticeable aspect of the updated design was revised silhouette, which now raises the main body of the VCS, creating a more “floating effect”. The new concept made it possible to move two of the four USB 3.0 ports on the front of the VCS.

In addition, the developers optimized the hull design of the console up to four large items. This allowed not only to simplify production but to make more space for cooling new integrated chip AMD Ryzen.

All logos “Atari” in new models of the Atari VCS will be illuminated with white light, not red as planned before.

However, the new design has also a disadvantage. The creators have removed the rear slot for the SD card, calling it “excessive”.

Delivery of the new console, the Atari VCS will start in December this year. The cost of the basic version of the console without gamepad $239 (about 15 000).

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