Several of the factories TSMC was paralyzed on 3 August 2018, due to massive computer attack. According to the statement of the concern, to restore production processes are fully managed only by Monday.

At the moment the plants are harvested TSMC chipsets for the new iPhone models, the presentation of which is likely to take place on 12 September 2018. Work is proceeding at an exceptionally fast pace, and any delay can result in serious delays in deliveries.

On Friday, the third of August 2018 as a result of viral attacks is out of order the industrial equipment in several factories. Representatives of the group reported that this is the first time in the history of TSMC when the production process was stopped due to a computer virus, and note that the attack is not associated with a network intrusion.

The functionality of some sites managed to recover pretty quickly. By mid-Sunday, 5 August 2018, 80% of lines returned to work normally. Finally all problems were resolved by Monday, August 6, 2018.

“TSMC expects that this incident will cause delays in supply and additional costs. We believe that this will lead to a decrease in revenues in the third quarter by 3% and gross margin by 1 percentage point.

The company believes that shipment delayed in the third quarter will be recovered in the fourth quarter of 2018 and will not affect the overall revenue growth for 2018, the forecast which was made on 19 July 2018.

Most TSMC customers have been notified about this event. The company works closely with customers on delivery schedules of their orders and discuss work individually over the next few days.

The attack was planned at the time of installation of software for new instruments, which led to the spread of the virus after connecting the equipment to the company’s computer network. Data integrity and sensitive information was not compromised. TSMC has taken measures on elimination of consequences in the security sphere and further strengthening of the system of protection,” reads a statement of concern.

Apple tries to differentiate the supply of parts to minimize the dependence on partners. However, currently only TSMC produces processors And including model A11 Bionic, which is used in iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X and A12 under which, presumably, will operate all Apple smartphones in 2018.


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