You need to be vigilant!

In November 2018, there are few cases of the blocking of Bank cards of Russians for the translation for quite a small amount. Customers of various banks have complained about the requirement to explain the projects in the amount of 1 thousand rubles, which was widely discussed in the media and on television. And it decided on the full benefit.

Old new method

The crooks started to use a new method of cheating the customers of “Sberbank”, using sensational situations lock accounts after a small money transfer. The attackers call the Bank’s clients and appear to be employees of “Sberbank”. They very accurately imitate employees of “Sberbank” and inform users that their Bank account is at risk of blocking due to recent transfer.

The scammers claim that the customer needs to justify the last “questionable” transfers or account will be blocked. For justification they offer users two ways: to apply to the branch of “Sberbank” or deal with the situation directly by phone and thus save time.

If the victim agrees on the “easier” way to solve the problem, she offered to send an SMS to number 900 under the pretext of a detailed analysis of the account. The result of sending a message with a specific text from the card user are written off all the money.

These fraudulent calls are used extensively by criminals for a long time. However, only in recent weeks, taking advantage of the panic induced by the media, the scammers use as an excuse the blocking of the account in connection with a dubious translation.

Clients of “Sberbank” is recommended to be extremely vigilant and check whether the call comes from the support staff of the Bank. It is best not to lose the potentially dangerous call and to call back in “Sberbank” already myself.

Source: Telegram.


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