The revolution is near.

The transition of Russians from paper to electronic passport will be much more radical step than previously planned. The government of the Russian Federation discussed the possibility of a replacement passport for a smartphone app with all the data about the citizen. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of RF government Maksim Akimov in his speech at the forum “Russia calling!”.

According to officials, given the extraordinary speed of innovation and digitalization of the economy, an alternative passport can be a special smartphone app. It will contain the data of the main documents of the Russians — the Russian passport, social security number and driver’s license. If necessary, the citizen will open the app, and the authorities will be able to “count” all the necessary information.

Earlier it was reportedthat as a basis for electronic passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation it is planned to use the Bank card “the WORLD” with a chip. The implementation of the concept of electronic passports will cost 114,4 billion.

Source: Vedomosti


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