According to the publication Bloomberg, most authorised service centres are currently not working. This is due to the pandemic coronavirus. However, even those services that are continuing their work, do not have the necessary components to repair damaged devices. A similar situation exists in Europe, USA and Russia.

Hardest problem with the servicing of Apple devices prominent in the United States. There are already closed almost all service centers. The authors of the publication Bloomberg noted that in some cities there is not one running service. For example, the nearest to the office of Bloomberg running STS was more than 300 kilometers.

As for Russia, at the moment all major Moscow service centers have already stopped working. In the regions, many still continue to take orders. However, soon the situation may change dramatically.

It should also be remembered that due to the closure of borders and restriction of supply from China, many service centers lack supplies required to repair. In the end, if you experience any problems restoring the gadget can last for an unknown period of time.


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