Virtual assistant Alexa from Amazon was just important for everyone, especially for those who want to make in your life drop simplicity.

Now this technology has found its use in vehicles. Amazon Echo Auto, was presented in September. It’s a tiny voice device intended for placing on car dashboard. And devices like Alexa, which are located in the homes of millions of people around the world, Echo Auto listening and responding to any requests of the owners. During driving it can also be useful, because the driver can ask about tubes, and even about the weather.

The device cooperates with applications such as Google Maps, and also lots of music apps such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, and SiriusXM. Soon to be available app for Apple Maps and Apple Music.

Shortly after the premiere of Amazon Echo Auto last year it was available for pre-order, and according to specialists, was made more than a million queries for pre-order. The supplies started since Christmas.

Those who want to connect your application you will have to spend about $ 24. But it is, after Amazon will be available to all, the cost will increase in 2 times.

Small technology supports Apple iPhone and most Android devices. Car owners BMW, Ford, Audi, Toyota don’t need to worry about Echo Auto because their cars are already equipped with the Alexa.

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