Google plans before the end of this year to release a smartphone that will cost less than the flagship of Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Such a move, writes the Nikkei Asian Review, may help the company attract more users to their ecosystem.

Google, the newspaper writes, is actively studying the situation, which turned out to Apple, whose new iPhone — even “affordable” iPhone XR — was not as popular as expected in the company. Therefore, a new Pixel-oriented cost-conscious consumers and emerging markets, will be cheaper priced Apple in USA in $ 749 iPhone XR.

In Google’s plans, say sources, to aggressively promote the new “affordable” smartphone, as well as other “hardware” elements of the ecosystem: new smart speakers, put on the device and “smart” cameras. In autumn expect new flagship “pixels”.

The publication writes that Google recently poached from Apple hundreds of engineers and experts in supplying components that are now working together with 2000 employees units development of smartphones purchased from HTC in 2017. the company’s dream is that for owners Pixel to abandon its ecosystem of services and applications it would also be difficult, as iPhone owners it’s hard to “jump” to the Apple ecosystem.

In 2018, the year the share of smartphones Pixel had, according to IDC, 0.33 percent of the global smartphone market — managed to sell only 4.68 million such devices.

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